The Vacation Farm is located in the Cà Bonelli Farm, in the Po Delta Park, where the Po di Tolle enters in the sea. The land of the farm has risen from alluvial waters of the Po after the well-known “cut of Porto Viro”, operated by the Republic of Venice in 1604, in order to keep the Venice Lagoon safe from the risk of silting up. Currently the Farm has a surface of 450 hectares, and borders eastwards with the Po di Tolle, southwards with the Adriatic sea and westwards with the Sacca di Scardovari.

The main cultivation of the Farm is the rice: thanks to the characteristics of the soil and the constant breeze from the sea, the rice grains receive greater health and germinability, characteristics that are well appreciated by the most important Italian seed trading companies. Various high-quality rice families are cultivated, like the Carnaroli, the Arborio and Vialone Nano that have obtained the P.G.I. acknowledgment. (Protected Geographical Indication). Also wheat, maize, soya, rape, sugar beets and lucerne are cultivated, also biological.